The picturesque Switzerland village of Vercorin located high above Sierre in the Rhone valley is a place that embraces culture. Each summer, artists are asked to come here and create inspiring works, that connect the entire village. In 2010, the artists of Lang/Baumann were in charge of the village makeover. They developed a street painting on the roads, which is visually engaging for all of the inhabitants and visitors of Vercorin: “We thought it would be interesting to work on the surface of the roads because it was kind of a free zone, Most of the houses and their facades are very old, historical wood surfaced and it seemed interesting to us to contrast them with bright colors on the street“, said Lang. How did the local people react to this project?  “Many of the village inhabitants passed by and followed the process of painting. They used it in a very playful way later, especially the children used it to cycle or skate or walk on the lines.” What is your opinion regarding street art works?