Japanese architecture firm no.555 completed a modern residence with an original architecture in Fukushima, Japan. KKC House was developed in strong connection to the surrounding natural elements and is lifted above the found in order to create additional entertainment spaces for the inhabitants. Here is more from the architects: “The design focuses on establishing a level of communication as well as an open communal space for the family members. The sheltered area generated under the body of the house serves as a large multi-functional area for outdoor activities. Read as a pair of linear volumes, the stilted dwelling features hide-away windows which establish a high level of privacy for the domestic space within. Separated by a spinal alley way which remains open to the element, the design defines the public programs (living, dining, kitchen) from the sleeping quarters“. A mini golf course for the children is integrated in a chasm that visually connects the two volumes and provides natural daylight for the surrounding interiors.