We recently received a press release presenting three interesting designs that can bring personality to an office or trendy loft. The projects were created by Alain Gilles for Buzzispace. The works will be on display at the? ?Maison & Objet? fair in Paris. Here is the information we were sent:

BUZZIHOOD. This project is all about personal privacy and well-being. It is about being able to quickly protect yourself from the surrounding world…. from a wild bunch of kids playing in your loft to a host of colleges sharing the same open space office…? to make some private calls. The idea is to feel protected, but not isolated. You regain that too-often-lost privacy associated with the use of mobile phones but you never the less remain in touch with those surrounding you. You do not have to share your private conversations with everyone else and then again in some case you also do not ?bother? everyone while on the phone. The concept is of course also reminiscent of those now fast-despairing open phone booth? that use to be a common site in our cities, airports and hotel lobbies…? It has been designed in order to be very graphic and architectural.

The BuzzHub Single is a more private shelter than its larger brother.? It this case, the idea is really to be able to work by oneself and to concentrate on what matters and get the job done ! It was designed to feel comfortable but never-the-less to be in a position favouring a working attitude and concentration. Hence, for instance, the large cushion on the side that doubles as armrest is fairly stiff so that it can serve as support for the arm when typing on the computer and using one of the BuzziTables. Two BuzziHub Singles could also be used face to face when to people want to share ideas. It can also be used with an extra long side panel that will serve as an extra shield and offer an enhanced privacy and well being.

BUZZIBOOTH. This is a micro-architecture project.? It is all about recreating some privacy in a common noisy, wide, or crowded space.? In today?s world we have torn down most of our walls:? we live in loft-like apartments and work in open-space offices. Nevertheless, we still sometimes very much need to enjoy the comfort of some privacy. We still have to make phone calls that other people are not supposed to hear about. But we might also need to focus on our work and have to find a place where we can retrieve with our notebook for a few minutes our hours. This is very much a new type of product addressing the problems and needs of today.? This is an acoustical cocoon made of fabric in order to absorb the surrounding noise as much as possible ( it is made out of recycled fabric ). Then again, it is a very obvious and reassuring product since typologically it is very close to some very common products such as the public phone booth that has now vastly disappeared from our streets, or the typical small-wooden beach hut that tends to be a small world of its own once opened up and customized by its owner.