Completed just last year, in 2011, the House DS residential project is part of Graux & Baeyens Architecten‘s portfolio. Located in a residential area of Destelbergen, Belgium, the property on which House DS rests was purchased 10 years ago, but it was only not long ago the owner decided to transform the house into a contemporary living space with the help of the talented team of architects. With the property measuring 1,071 square meters, the construction was built to have 312 square meters of interior spaces.The farm-resembling home almost got demolished, but the architects convinced the owner to revamp the old construction and add an extension that would not only enlarge the space, but also create a seamless connection between the old house and the new, refined construction. Five volumes were added, four of which were placed in the backside of the house, as a continuation of the architecture, while the fifth acts as the pool house. The large garden connects all the volumes, merging them into a fantastic property prepared to offer its owner the best of both worlds.