Metropolis Design have completed the impressive Spa House located in Hout Bay, coastal suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. The project consisted of a multi-functional building with living, recreational and spa features, annexed to a larger residence, integrated in a delightful mountain setting. According to the architects, “the house is conceived of as a hovering set of elements, suspended over a large waterscape, which forms an extended terrace on the mountainside. Water constitutes the primary experience of the building. The floor planes are arranged to provide contrasting experiences of water, and the underwater spa with large viewing windows into the pool has a sense of stillness and mystery.Formally, the building comprises a number of separate sculptural forms in a dynamic composition. The base of the building, incorporating pools, relaxation rooms and guest accommodation is entirely of concrete. The superstructure is of steel construction, which is clad in afromosia shiplap boards on timber studwork.? Looking forward to your reactions and comments regarding the overall design of this modern home.