Unique amongst the traditional brick neighboring houses, the Hunter House in Australia displays a hard to ignore modern style. Designed by Darren Carnell Architect, the stylish villa follows the trending desire for a seamless floor plan that would incorporate interior and exterior spaces. An interior courtyard was shaped by placing the living room and gallery on each side and having an open plan made of the foyer and dining space surround the exterior space. This space arrangement also helps flood the interiors with natural light. Timber and stone shape an interesting interior design and large glazed walls connect both the private and public spaces to parkland views beyond the glass.? If the downstairs is reserved for the social and entertaining spaces, the upstairs shelters private retreats and relaxation corners that make the house perfectly adapted to the inhabitant’s needs. Within these amazing spaces you can find great inspiration sources – maybe the furniture has something that caught your attention or maybe the folding glass doors out to the courtyard would be a nice addition to your own home. Whatever it is, we would love to know your favorite detail in the photos below.