Las Vegas-based studio DesignCellcompleted a generously-sized contemporary home structured on two levels and accommodating five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The 6,709 square foot building entitled?Tenaya Residence is located in Las Vegas and is in fact a design transformation of a former architecture project nestled in the area. Here is more from the architects: ?The residence is a remodel and an expansion to an existing house within a well established neighborhood. Little remained of the old tract house appearance. The addition of a new wing and a free standing casita utilized the site in an all new way by forming a private interior courtyard which functions as an extension of the entertainment and public areas of the house. Long overhangs and curved roofs form the dynamic street elevation: a welcome addition to a settled community.? The interior design of the house is highly modern and stands out due to futuristic elements and striking lighting schemes. Have a look!