We received an interesting project from David Giammetta and just had to share it further. Here are the photos and information we were sent: “When people hear the Italian word Vespa, it?s instantly associated with Piaggio scooters. The word actually means ?wasp? and was used by Enrico Piaggio for his scooters when they first appeared in 1942, because of their appearance and the buzzing noise that the two stroke engine created. Tougher emission laws and the push to ?go green? have made it increasingly difficult for classic automotive owners to maintain their pride and joy on the roads of today. Instead of sending rusty Vespa?s to the trash pile, I have found a more creative solution: turn the iconic scooter into functional pieces of designer furniture! The donor for my furniture project was a 1968 Vespa sprint that was beyond restoration, making it the perfect candidate. I feel that this was a more honorable fate than the scrap metal yard. I have tried to retain the traditional characteristics of the classic icon by converting the back half into a functional work station, complete with adjustable laptop stand. My aim was to deliver the feeling of riding a Vespa without the helmet hair. Anyone want to take it for a spin?”