These amazing intricate details created by?Amsterdam-based artist Ingrid Siliakus have been gathered under the name “Paper Architecture“. Miniature architectural details rise from thin folds of paper to shape three-dimensional artistic pieces. All those windows, corners and rooftops were designed to fit within a frame that imitates skylines and casts interesting shadows. Cubes, mock-ups, pop-ups – all pieces are unique, but a special one is dedicated to the study of Gaudi’s astonishing work and named “Reflection on Sagrada Familia”. From prototype to detailed results, the Paper Architecture series were created by designing each layer with careful consideration, as an architect would design a building. Here are a few words on how the artist works: “To design a pattern from scratch, the artist needs the skills of an architect to create a two-dimensional design, which, with the patience and precision of a surgeon, becomes an ingenious three-dimensional wonder of paper. After the design stage, creating a paper architecture art work is done by a combination of detailed cutting and folding. The paperweight Ingrid uses for her creations varies from 160 to 300 gram.”Has any of you tried any cutting/folding techniques?