We received a colorful and inspiring small apartment from designer Cassie Potts, founder of M.dart Interiors. Here is her personal description of the crib:”I moved into my small one bedroom apartment with my Pugalier ?Duck? only a few months ago, after returning from 4 years in London. It required a lot of imagination to enable the small space to accommodate my extensive collection of eclectic trinkets and artwork from around the world. My style is a fusion of warehouse/industrial-chic and Mexican-kitsch all encapsulated in a sun-bathed Australian beach-side apartment. Even though there is barely an inch of wall or floor not adorned with a brash curios from Mexico or some graffiti-art brought off the street in East London; white walls and shelving help to show-case the bold techni-colour d?cor whilst not creating a sense of claustrophobia or overwhelming aesthetic-chaos.? Despite the small space, the careful arrangement of design objects has created different scenes that separate and define living areas in the apartment”. We appreciate the originality and overall happy vibes this well planed apartment inspires and are looking forward to see if your comments are as positive.