We recently received a press release presenting a new line of Pouffles (slipcovers for ottomans), from Ainslie, an LA/Sydney-based designer. Here is the information and photos we were sent: “Aroopy has created a first line of Pouffles that is both eye-catching and lighthearted. The Pouffle (a snugly-fitting slipcover for a pouf/ottoman) offers all of the fun and none of the commitment … to one design. The initial collection is decidedly happy and starts with a dreamy Old World Map that asks us for holidays in faraway places. The Lower Manhattan Skyline, London Tube and Paris Metro maps have us zipping around the globe as a citizen of the world in no time. The single solid pouffle is in a muted cement on soft strokable velvet. The companion ottomans from Aroopy are very comfortably firm. A pouffle’d ottoman would be especially suited to recent college grads or anyone living where space is at a premium. A second line of designs, solids and patterns is due out in February. Which Pouffle suits you?”