The G Seven Hong Kong wooden apartment in the upper class residential district of Braemar Hill, on the Hong Kong Island, was recently renovated by Fixonic. Modern wood paneling adorn the interior spaces and make each room inviting and unique. Custom-designed to create a continuous design that links all the spaces together, the apartment displays a playful combination of decorative wood and custom built furniture, office desk and storage facilities, all made out of wood. The white walls seem to accentuate the extensive use of wood and also smooth out the design. Custom white furniture was added to break the wooden design into smaller, more effective lines. Finding this beautiful Hong Kong Wooden Apartment on Home Designing meant being able to draw inspiration from the extensive use of a very common building material. Sharing this project with you, Freshome’s readers, means that we can all indulge in a little dreaming. So, after you look at the photos, please let us know which part of the residence you enjoyed the most.