Danish architects MLRP have completed Mirror House, an original looking playground pavilion in Copenhagen, Denmark. Charred timber and polished steel were the materials chosen for the exterior finishes. But this building comes with a little extra: convex and concave mirrors are mounted on the backs of doors, reflecting the surrounding playground. According to the architects, the project “ is a play with perspective, reflection and transformation. Instead of a typical closed gable facade the mirrored gables creates a sympathetic transition between built and landscape and reflects the surrounding park, playground and activity. Windows and doors are integrated in the wood-clad facade behind facade shutters with varied bent mirror panel effects”. During night time, the shutters are closed, making the building “common”.  But during the day, the pavilion opens up, attracting the children who love to watch their reflections in all directions. We find this to be an interesting approach for a children’s pavilion and believe you will share our opinion. [Photography by Laura Stamer]