Pinch by Matthias Pliessnig is an interesting piece of furniture that was hand-built by he designer out of wood with a carefully studied attention to details. The building technique used in creating this seat is very much like the one used to build boats and the design borrows some lines reminiscent of water vehicles. This organic looking bent-wood seating item measures 58x31x27 and its name emphasizes the interesting design lines on each end of the back-to-back two seater. Using steam bent White Oak strips of wood,  Matthias Pliessnig created a spin-off from previous designs, displaying refined details and a dense structure. Compound curves sustain and beautify the overall design. If you’re looking to buy one of these beautiful double seats, you should know that the price for each made to order piece is $16,000, so make sure to find the perfect place for it in a corner of your home.