With offices in Bridgehampton, Stelle Architects were the team challenged to design the Ocean Guest House project – a contemporary residence in Bridgehampton, New York. The house located on the street side of an ocean side property was originally built in the 1970’s and was renovated and added on in the 1980’s. Challenging the architects to create a stunning contemporary building to accommodate guests in the back of the property, the owner needed a modern collection of spaces that would be as welcoming as possible and display an interesting architecture. Thus, the Ocean Guest House was designed as a two-story structure sheltering two bedrooms, two baths and a kitchen/sitting room. Reached via the staircase between the downstairs garage and the storage and laundry spaces, the upstairs apartment offers privacy on the side facing the driveway and opens the interiors to views of the garden with pool and the immense blue ocean on the other side. The fiber cement panel skin creates overhangs and covered terraces, allowing the interiors to be flooded with a perfect amount of natural light. Probably perfect as a residence, this guest house shows that luxury allows many forms of welcoming others into your house, or a separate house, in this case.