Welcome to an intriguing looking residence designed by Fuses i Viader and located in Cologne, Spain. According to the  architects, Casa de Verano is located at the bottom of the plot to facilitate the proximity to the beach and is cleverly separated from the street and neighbors. Two copper-roofed wings are connected in a central point where the entrance and the stairs to the ground floor can also be found. With the location at the bottom of the plot, the building’s roof becomes the fifth facade of the house, and perhaps most important one, being visible from the entrance. All the rooms have sea views, which was a priority when planning the project. The master bedroom is the closest to the beach and also secluded from the rest of the house. The focal point of the residence is a modern living room. This space has a generous glazing, overlooking the surrounding landscape. The ground floor contains the offices, gymnasium, sauna and wine cellar. Two garages were built outside the house: one connected to the summer kitchen and the other as an extension of the gym and guest bedroom. Find the architecture of this residence inspiring?