The Creek Residence is one of the many inspiring projects presented by Bates Masi Architects . This 6,500 square-foot single family home Bridgehampton, New York responds to the multitasking lifestyle of the client. According to the architects, the project is composed of “a series of open-ended boxes, each tailored to a portion of the architectural program focuses the view from the street though the house to the landscape in the rear. Mahogany boards wrap floors, ceilings, and the sides of the boxes to heighten the perspective view and provide privacy from neighbors. Each box has independent audio, video, and climate control. On the exterior, interstitial spaces between the arranged boxes are gardens and patios. With each box occupying a specific program, the multitasking of different events is achieved“. We welcome you to a virtual tour of this diverse contemporary residence displaying an interior design that will surely captivate and inspire you!