The Bay House project was designed by Leroy Street Studio and is an imposing 5,570 square foot contemporary home situated in a flood plain in Long Island, New York, USA. Here are some words from the architects concerning site challenges: “The site, on a barrier island, sits in a long line of properties that have eliminated sensitive tidal wetlands and replaced native vegetation with lawn and bulkheads. In contrast, this project began with the restoration of the site’s existing wetlands- bringing grasses and native plants through the site from the water to the street. New, stricter regulations, requiring a high flood elevation and an elevated septic system, gave rise to the play of solid massing against open piles. A concrete mass, housing the septic system, is set against the street edge. This form is carved to create an entry walkway that rises up to house, splitting it into two volumes with a vista of the bay beyond. A narrow boardwalk leading off the deck continues the promenade across the site to the water’s edge”. The residence is not just well adjusted to the landscape functionally, but aesthetically as well. Have a look!