Casa Acapulco was designed by architects Flavio Castro Arquitectos  and is a 3,660 square-foot two-story home is located in Guarujá, Brazil. The house is composed of six squares grouped in pairs. Within this compositional rule, two subtractions were made at opposite ends to form two venues: the garage and playground. The left part of the house provides a continuous living space for the residents, with the help of a succession of rooms and leisure facilities. The metallic self-supporting staircase cuts the succession of rooms at one point, creating a visual filter between the public street and private rear patio. The left side of the property is a modern home addition. Between the two areas, there is a linear space which forms the border between the gradual abundant spaciousness of the rooms on the left and the services zone (the annex) on the right. [Photography by Marcelo Scandaroli]