The Robins Way Residence was designed by studio Bates Masi Architects and is an inspiring modern residence located in Amagasett, New York, USA. The project consisted of a complete renovation and addition of a 1960’s kit house, in order to serve as a week-end retreat for the owners, a DJ and an interior designer. The design solution found by the project team was to reduce the existing structures to their skeletal framework and creatively improvise from that point. I particularly enjoy the rope ceilings. Here are some words from the architects: “Unifying the exterior is a dark stained cedar siding that wraps all of the exterior facades and transitions to the matching frames of the replaced windows and doors. The newly constructed interior walls and interior cabinetry were also resurfaced in reclaimed barn wood. Behind a sheet of glass, the same reclaimed wood lines the shower surround and one feels as though they are showering outdoors. The clients now have a quiet escape from city life. The frequent turnover within a vacation community can be wasteful. Some are eager to tear down what exists and start new. This project preserved the skeleton of the house and the history in the patinaed materials that the client desired. Conventional materials were utilized in new ways to unify the old and the new”.