Comprising a library, a café, meeting places and administrative areas and linking an existing community house and a learning center, the Vennesla Library in Vennesla, Norway is quite a fantastic looking building. Helen and Hard Agency were the ones behind this creative library concept turned into reality. Here are a few words from the architects describing the library’s interior structure and architecture :”Supporting the idea of an inviting public space, all main public functions have been gathered into one generous space allowing the structure combined with furniture and multiple spatial interfaces to be visible in the interior and from the exterior. An integrated passage brings the city life into and through the building. Furthermore, the new building was open and easy accessible from the main city square, knitting together the existing urban fabric. This was achieved by a large glass facade and urban loggia providing a protected outdoor seating area.” Found on Muuuz, the library conveys a soothing intimate feeling. Underneath the wood structures, shelves containing the knowledge are formed in the alcoves. Some of the undulating shapes shelter folded wooden benches offering readers comfortable seating. If you get the chance to visit this part of the world, make sure you swing by this amazing library, just to enjoy the modern beauty of its design. And send us photos.