Renowned type foundry House Industries and mid-century American pottery Heath Ceramics have collaborated on a new collection of clay house numbers that celebrate the legendary architects Richard Neutra and Ray & Charles Eames.The three-dimensional clay tiles represent a numerical interpretation of the Eames and Neutra legacy in a timeless tribute to a classic California aesthetic.

“Bringing the Neutra and Eames-inspired fonts to life in clay form is so exciting to us,” says Heath Ceramics Creative Director Catherine Bailey. “Forming these beautiful and refined type-shapes out of an imprecise material, like clay, creates a fantastic contrast. The finished piece becomes as interesting as what’s likely to be housed inside the homes where the numbers preside.”

Perfect for contemporary design environments, each clay tile is glazed in a matte finish with a raised, unglazed number.  As with all Heath tiles, Heath House Numbers are pressed, hand-glazed, trimmed, and kiln-fired to produce a top-quality product.

The Neutra numbers (3×6 inches) are available in museum black and mid-century white, while the more playful Eames numbers (4×4 inches) come in bright yellow, paprika, and museum black. A specially made track in salvaged teak or stainless steel can also be purchased to display the numbers in style.

In this short video Catherine Bailey explains how the collaboration came about.

Being the design and architecture lovers that we are, we couldn’t help but get excited about these house number tiles. We’d have a pretty tough time trying to decide which of the two we prefer though, but I think Eames might just have the edge with those playful colours. Which is your favourite? Eames or Neutra?