Japan-based creative studio Apollo Architects and Associates adorned a 590 square foot urban corner lot with a fantastic looking modern house – the Vista Residence. The interior collection of spaces sums up to 1,295 square feet, perfect for the couple and child living here. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the contemporary three story residence gathers both ordinary and extraordinary details that make it unique. Overlooking the cliff of a plateau, the white residence offers the owners the spectacle of the surroundings seen through dark-framed panoramic windows.

Here is how the architects describe the residence’s floor plan: “The first floor was compactly outfitted with a small, Japanese style straw-matted bedroom, as well as a bathroom and dressing area with an attached terrace. Each of these spaces commanded a handsome view of the landscape outside. The second storey was configured as a single, open room with an attached roof balcony. Bookshelves were also installed on the structural walls, while a table at the edge of the dining area provides a comfortable space for reading, creating a library-like atmosphere. In addition, we made an effort to emphasize the impression of diving downwards that results from the height difference between the dining room and the living area.” The last floor is occupied by the kid’s bedroom and a large terrace with soothing panoramic views of the surroundings. Owners benefit from a one-car garage, but the built-in bike garage is what the man of the house loves most – a place to keep his Ducati motorbike with enough space for maintenance and moving around.