Bento+Azevedo Architects designed the cozy residential structure named House Carqueija to express the simple features a home needs to make its inhabitants happy – all the spaces are used to the maximum and have a strong connection to the outside. The emphasize on outdoor living is clearly seen in the architectural elements: stairs connect the different levels of the house, built on a slightly sloped terrain. Located in Camaçari, Brazil, the 260 square meter home rests on a property of 1,400 square meters. On the ground floor, two rooms, a chapel and a functional, comfortable social area including the living space, dining and kitchen make up the efficient floor plan and open the interiors to the lively outside space via the porch. The swimming pool and the barbecue in the backside of the house quench the inhabitants thirst for relaxation and entertainment. Functionality and efficiency are the defining features of this beautiful, simple and modern residence.