Versatile, modern and displaying an enticing design, the Ludovico Desk/Chairs/Storage still keeps that classic charm, without pushing the materials and design too far into the future. Designed based on the simple concept of placing two chairs inside the furniture while ensuring that the drawers remain considerably large, the Ludovico Desk/Chairs/Storage unit was the fabrication of Uruguayan industrial designer Claudio Sibille‘s imagination. Proving to be a challenging design project, the Ludovico was made out of  eucalyptus grandis finger joint and adorned with aluminum handles.

Constantly thinking about how furniture “can offer viable and innovative solutions to reduced spaces“, the furniture designer combines function, utility and versatility into unique design projects like this contemporary furniture item. Perfect for small spaces that do not benefit from the luxury of having too much furniture, this versatile modern 4-in-one furniture piece has a visually deceiving design: “When closed, the chairs seem hidden and give the impression of four more little drawers.”