Neopolis completed the interior design for their headquarters, located in Zvolen, central Slovakia. Here are the photos and information they sent of the project: “The interior is divided into four functional zones. First zone (violet room) is separated from the other spaces through glass sliding doors. It is the administration room with 4 working places and a small kitchen. The second area is for conferences and hosts a big conference table for 8 to 10 people. The third zone is for presentation purposes and has a large sofa and a a monitor. Last zone is isolated from the previous by a perforated design wall with a tree theme. This is the working area for two partners of the company. Next to it, there is a small sofa with coffe table and two big tables made of walnut wood and finished in white leather”. All furniture and interior elements are custom made and designed by Neopolis. Designers of this project are: Vierka Dor?áková, Juraj Karlík and Krisztián Hruskó. We find the mix of colors and the overall modern approach very appealing and are curious to see your reactions.