We just received some photos of a fresh and chic collation of chairs. The Xalcharo Chair Collection encompasses a selection of unique armchairs, patterned and displaying a vibrant and elegant color palette. As described by KMP Furniture, the chairs appear to be fresh and unique: “Great attention to detail along with unparalleled craftsmanship is combined to create these electric patterns. Carefully fitted and hand stitched to perfection : an application performed by experience upholsters to transform these pieces to works of art. The exquisite needlework by threads of silk of vintage fabrics that are dating over 100 years old, carefully integrated with solids to transcend a story. It is a new way to see furniture sculptural pieces that are alive, colorful, transcending emotions of happiness , sadness, celebrating embroidery and craftsmanship with a nostalgic dwell on the past… No two pieces are alike.” Now it’s time for you to choose your favorite chair in this collection. Share your favorites in the Facebook comment section below.