The Olive Chair was envisioned by Israeli designers Adi Tasa and Yoav Avinoam. It was created using a molded polyester-based textile which was heated and given shape. According to the designers, Olive revives the traditional way of furniture making by re-examining the bonds between upholstery and the fabric around it. By doing so, the chair gets a three dimensional surface and the result is the creation of a new texture, both visible and physical. Asked to explain the process of producing this type of surface, Yoav replied: “The base fabric is molded and then steamed. After cooling down we insert pre-molded foam balls which are more stable and firm than batting. Then we apply glue from the upholstery world to seal the fabric with a base layer of cotton“. From where we’re standing, the chair looks quite comfortable. We are curious to see what you think about its design and production process. [Photos by Yigal Pardo]

images by yigal pardo