Located in the picturesque region of Cap-à-l’Aigle in the heart of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada, the The Malbaie V residence was Montreal-based studio Mu Architecture and displays an inspiring design. The exterior is defined by simple geometrical volumes wrapped in wood and a green roof that insulates the building. Here is more regarding the structure of the residence from the architects: “On the ground floor, the sequence from the entrance to the main room allows for discovery through large continuous open plan absent of any apparent structure. An abundance of openings from east to west, the result of a perfect combination of solar motion, orientation and views sought, provides permanent natural light as well as optimal energy efficiency. The lower level accommodates four bedrooms and two full bathrooms arranged in a linear way following a clear axis perpendicular to the main volume above allowing for each room to get a view. The simplicity of the materials used, types of natural wood for the floor and ceiling accentuates the dramatic perspective of the main corridor”. Simple, elegant and highly efficient, calling this place a “dream crib” would probably be an understatement.