Hill-Maheux Cottage was designed  by Canada-based firm Kariouk Associates in order to serve as a small holiday retreat for a couple and their daughter in Val-des-Monts, Quebec. According to the architects, “the design of the cottage is simple: two “bars” of living space – one private containing bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage; one public containing family living areas – are joined by an elliptical loft – the daughter’s domain – that intersects each ground-floor volume and hovers over the foyer giving shelter to the entry below. In this small, weekend and vacation retreat, the clients and their daughter seek to take refuge from the world. As such, the home is introverted; but the clients also desired that the house achieve a maximum connection to its beautiful, forested, lake-side site.” The interiors are warm and friendly, inspiring a serene atmosphere. Have a look at the photos of this cottage-like family vacation home and tell us if you find it inviting.