Nature and the environment have proven to be a big source of inspiration in interior design and architecture over the past few years, particularly where material choice is concerned. We have seen a rise in popularity of natural materials such as wood, stone and slate as people are seeking to reduce their impact on the environment by choosing products that will last longer and that are readily available.

Particularly when it comes to flooring, wood, stone and slate are very popular choices. However, not everybody sees the attraction of using these materials in their homes, preferring the comfort, warmth, noise reduction and improved insulation offered by carpet. Picking up the trend for nature in interior design and wanting to cater to carpet lovers, Danish carpet producer Ege came up with the Out of Nature collection.

The innovative carpet collection emerged from a desire to bring the rustic beauty of nature inside as part of a building’s interior design. The collection’s expressive, photographic designs adds character to a room, as well as providing good acoustics and comfort underfoot.

These carpets look unbelievably realistic and allow you to get the look without compromising on comfort. They definitely have my vote! What about you?