The Haack House is a lovely two-story contemporary residence designed by Brazilian studio 4D-Arquitetura and located in Guaíba, Brazil. Because it is located in a neighborhood where fences are not allowed, the architects had to come up with a plan that would ensure a maximum level of privacy: “this house had the design developed in three parallel horizontal bars that protects terrain sides. The central block has two floors: on the ground floor are the social areas at the center – living, dinner and leisure. At second floor, with access by a linear loose ladder, is located the private area. A big mezzanine makes the two floor integration, giving the space higher amplitude. A footbridge crosses the mezzanine, leading to the master bedroom, while the other rooms are on the other end of the floor.The house structure was built on metal girders and pillars with two large concrete plans that serve as support. This solution allowed free internal spaces and large swings at the front and back of the house, creating two covered open livings.” How do you feel about living in a home with no fences?