Berlin-based studio Archibald Buro completed the design for Lakeshore House, a 2,600 square-foot contemporary residence in Potsdam, Germany. The home is set amidst the lush trees from Wildpark West and was built using wooden plates which were initially fixed, then wrapped with wooden insulation. Here is more from the project developers: “The facade is painted softwood, the windows fit between the horizontal panels, so there is no sheet metal needed. I wanted the facade as simple as possible, it looks like a simple white wooden box with no gutter from the street. The entrance is accentuated with green glass plates. At the lakeside the large folding glass doors of Solarlux can be opened completely. When you stand in the living room, the glass in the winter garden allows a 180° view over the lake.” Wood was also the main element employed to set the general tone of the interior design, with great aesthetic results. Have a look!