Designed by Mexican studio M + N Arquitectos, this modern 262 square meter structure is part residential spaces, part artist’s studio. Connected by a glass bridge, the two volumes of the house were created for two artists who live and work here. Located in Puebla, Mexico, the brick and concrete house has a rectangular prism shape, created using carefully chosen materials: “The idea evolved into highlighting an architectural plan while visually differentiating various modules made with like materials where each one has its own distinct goal or intention depending on options in relation to temperature, acoustics, or the distinctive qualities of any given living space.”

Polished cement floors unify the spaces, while the spaces inside flow from one into the next – library/hallway, dining room, kitchen and living room. A single bedroom, dressed in concrete on the exterior, invites the inhabitants in for a restful night, while the rest of the floor plan is divided between living spaces and work spaces. A narrow T-shaped window adorns the corner of the bedroom volume, while the rest of the windows display a concrete frame that guides the view towards specific outside features, as the architects say: “The property is surrounded by beautiful views of the city and surrounding landscape. The home/workshop was intended to be situated in direct relation to the cardinal points. The windows were thought of as cubes orientated toward those same scenic views and this idea gave way in turn to two distinct lawn and garden spaces.