Wallpaper has come back into fashion in a big way over the past few years as people seek to add more personality and character to their living spaces. The wealth of colours, patterns and textures available from today’s extensive varieties of wallpapers is unparalleled.

However, many people still favour ceramic tiles due to the myriad benefits to be had from this versatile material. Hardwearing, robust, easy to clean and great for use in areas where moisture is present, ceramic tiles can solve a multitude of problems.

French ceramic tile manufacturer Novoceram has produced a range of tiles that combines the benefits of these two types of wallcoverings. The Art collection of ceramic tiles features three different designs that bring the beauty and intricacy of wallpaper together with the functionality and resistance of ceramic tiles.

Florilège features bright, elegant colours that depict a tree with great floral detail and a new tactile texture reminiscent of the silky softness of fabric. Inspired by the charm of the motifs found in 18th century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper, the tiles come in four different design variations (ground, peacock, cage and sky) that can be used in different combinations to alter the end result and provide complete compositional freedom.

The Très Jouy range is inspired by the long tradition of using Toile de Jouy as wallpaper. Novoceram has reinvented it by creating a ceramic panel that can be used to cover an entire wall or simply to embellish it with an unusual picture.

So what do you think? Best of both worlds I say!