Maison P+C was designed by Atelier Alassoeur Architecture and is a 326 square-foot residence located in Indre, France. According to the architects, the project is located in the middle of a common suburban neighborhood. The objective was to build a sustainable residence, without comprimise in appearance. Building branches on the ground and multiple modules fit and capture the different lights of day. These volumes also create outdoor spaces suitable for differentiated seasons. The residence is fully open in all directions. The maconery base supports a wood box covered with red cedar. This volume is cantilevered, in order to provide terrace space, shade and an original look. All the terraces will be adorned with various green decorations. The interiors reveal the inhabitants’ attraction to clean, contemporary design. A single inner space is open in all directions, connecting the branches together and giving the feel of a continuous, large home. [Photography: Brice Desrez]