Hello everyone and wishing you a happy weekend ahead! For all of you out there who are currently decorating your apartment- fingers crossed! Here are this Saturday’s Freshome tips “materialized” in ten photos paying tribute to unusual design. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comments section below. To start off, here is a kitchen that emanates so much energy, that it is impossible for anyone to remain indifferent to its design. Splashes of colors here and there elegantly contrast the white and gray walls. Combining traditional with contemporary elements, the overall result is dynamic and eye-catching.

Want to add a touch of craziness to your dining room? Here is one way to do it… This unique table features a clean, wooden tabletop, yet everything around it is out of the ordinary. The pendant lamp, its feet and the red chairs make for a fun and unusual atmosphere.

You have a fireplace that is no longer functional and do not know how to go about it? A beautiful room with traditional details could be the answer. This interior below is so captivating and charming, don’t you agree?

If the previous table we featured is too wacky for your tastes, here is one that should appeal to your sober side. Concrete usually inspires seriousness, but this design showcases an overall elegant and happy tone. Would you like to have an office like this?

This small bed situated so close to the window has a special charm and is perfect for the children’s room. Why? Because when reading, natural light is as important as it gets. And I am a firm believer that kids should spend more time reading books than around computers.

Who says heat pipes have to be covered with all means? Here is an idea to prove you wrong. This home has quite a few charming “industrial” design details, that are mixed in a spectacular manner. And just look at how cleverly the chair was integrated in the room.

If you have a soft spot for modern, open plan interiors, here is one to get you inspired. Semi-oval windows, tall ceilings, columns and a giant fireplace in the middle make this place original.

Here is a small and beautiful attic room that answers the need for privacy anytime. A comfortable bed is situated in the “shelter zone” inspired by the inclined wall. Next to the window, there is a lovely chair, making every book a pleasure to read.

Next off, we have another setting that allows one to dream, this time integrated in a modern atmosphere. I chose the image below, because I know many of you out there enjoy large, contemporary bedrooms. And this one has a fluffy carpet in the middle, which gives it a warm and delicate feel.

I would like to end this post with an idea that will certainly appeal to nature lovers. A natural looking terrace facing a mesmerizing landscape inspires a dreamy atmosphere, by using such few design elements.

This wraps it up for the week. If you enjoyed this display of ideas, or would like to suggest an inspiring room design for the next Freshome Saturday Design Spotter, leave your comments below or drop a line at lavinia@freshome.com.