Designers of mode:lina (Pawe? Garus & Jerzy Wo?niak) created a pop-up store for Swedish watch manufacturer Triwa. Here is the information we were sent in the official press release: “November 19, at Galeria Malta shopping in Poznan in Poland, opened the first pop-up store for the brand, which creates useful objects true works of art. By working with a pair of talented architects the shop itself became also a small designer object, which ideally reflects the philosophy of the brand. The investor required low budget solutions, 100% recyclable materials. Also, the company required that the construction of the shop take less than 8 hours and that the product design and the brand be highlighted. To build this pop-up store, cartons for the transport of goods were used – this raw material is easily available, easy to recycle, and above all cheap and surprisingly durable. The cardboard was supplemented by glass aquariums (30×30 cm) great for the construction of the stand”. After dismantling the store, the boxes will be used to transport watches again and the aquariums will be utilized to build the next pop-up store.