Welcome to a generous penthouse that mixes opulence with modern elegance. Situated on the  77th floor of the famous Trump World Tower Condominium, with extensive views of New York, this place is probably a dream home for any American involved in the real estate business. Designed by architect Mark Cunningham in collaboration with architect Michael Gilmore, Apartment 77B is a luxurious 2,871square-foot home, with plenty of inspiring elements. The penthouse features 12-foot ceiling heights and enormous windows to the east and south, which flood each room with light and provide breathtaking vistas of the East River, the Manhattan skyline and beyond. At the heart of the home, lies a contemporary kitchen, complete with marble countertops, custom cabinets, and abundant storage. Also refereed to as the epitome of high style, this project ensures a high level of comfort and the feeling of living large. Have a look at the photos below and tell us if this is the type of apartment you imagined would “adorn” Trump World Tower.