A few weeks ago we featured some compact kitchens for small dwellings where space is a premium. In a similar vein, this kitchen by German manufacturer Warendorf has a minimal footprint thereby saving space in the kitchen. Designed by French design star Philippe Starck, the Tower Kitchen features two standalone units that each take up no more than one square meter of floor space.

The towers are separated into a hot tower that houses a conventional oven and a steam oven, and a cold tower that houses the fridge-freezer. However, supplementary electrical appliances such as a dishwasher or microwave, for example, can also be integrated into the towers.

The towers are closed on three sides with doors concealing the appliances within. The fourth side is left open and can be designed to meet the user’s personal requirements. The rear wall can be used as a mirror or blackboard front, providing space for an enormous shopping list or a welcoming greeting for friends. With a light touch the flexible units can be rotated 360 degrees to reveal each of the sides.

The kitchen also features a functional island that also serves as a dining table. The “Trumpet Table” is a so-called working module that provides preparation space, sink, hob and dining area. Storage space is located beneath the work surface.

This kitchen seems ideal for entertaining. Simply spin the units around to reveal their best side to any guests you have round. Make dinner on the kitchen island before transforming it into a dining table. I think it’s great for those who don’t have the room for a separate dining room, don’t you?