House of artist Laurie Frick was recently completed by a firm in Austin, Texas, USA, entitled KRDB, and occupies a living area of 1600 square feet. The one-bedroom, two-bathroom house with an office and a 700 square-feet studio sits in an infill lot in Barton Heights and features intriguing design details. Here is more from the architects: “Based on programmatic adjacencies the design is comprised of a series of 16’ structural steel bays wrapped with a metal-clad SIP cowl. Within the cowl, the home is programmatically volumized with tiger-wood and glazing while the studio is defined by integral color stucco. The main entry is activated with a subtle push into a generous hallway that doubles as gallery for the client’s art collection. Ambient light in the studio and living room is provided by a series of large north facing monitors while the more private master suite is volumized in maple mill-work“. There are plenty of photos below to look through and get plenty of ideas. Enjoy!