We just received a modern home design from architect Mihai M. Tudose,  called CASA LARA and developed in Timisoara, Romania. Here is a short personal description from the architect: “This house story starts on a quiet street of Timisoara, Romania,  in spring of 2010,where a young family of three decided to build a small efficient and practical house. So as you, “ the viewer “ will browse through pictures, you will see a small package on the outside that can fit a lot on the inside. I guess “LESS IS MORE” it  is very correct quote when  you know where to stop. But like we all  know, modern thru use of material and clean shapes, sometimes can go on the “ cold side “ of  design, so introducing colors and textures (wood texture and color for example) we anchored back on the  warm and cozy side of architecture. I hope you will enjoy the pictures, like I enjoyed building this little cube home for me and my family”.