Bisazza has recently expanded its core business of mosaic tiles by launching a new bathroom division of the brand. Bisazza Bagno will focus on quality and variety as the main commercial strategy for the new brand and has already enlisted the help of some of the design scene’s most celebrated designers to create its first few collections.

Showcased for the first time earlier this year at Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings held in Bologna, Italy, the Wanders Collection is designed by none other than Marcel Wanders.

The collection features a series of consoles and mirrors in black or white lacquered resin with smoked glass top, clearly inspired by Baroque furniture, in clear contrast with the “pop” design of white ceramic sinks and the imposing white fibreglass bathtub which reinterprets the classic icon of the bar of soap, soft and rounded.

Marcel Wanders has this to say about his collection: “The collection derives its original concept from a fantasy of mine, taking a bath immersed in soap: the apotheosis of clean! I kept this idea in me for a long time, until Bisazza helped me to express it. The collection has then grown and diversified as far as to include three different lines, each with its own well-defined aesthetics, from antique to construction architecture. The idea of presenting different periods in a single collection comes from one of my beliefs: people have two opposing forces within them, one towards an eternal dimension where things last over time, the other towards change. In my design I oscillate and move between these two poles, the old and the new, reassurance and innovation. I believe it is an answer to a very human feeling. The Wanders Collection reflects precisely this duality.

I don’t know about you guys but I love the contrasting styles that Marcel Wanders has incorporated into this collection. Talk about a statement in the bathroom!!