Behind the construction of the Hickey Residence stood the talented team of Glen Irani Architects. Part of a larger project developed by the architects, this residence strives to introduce a seamless connection between the front and rear gardens. This was obtained by designing a collection of rooms half hovering above the outdoor living area. This gives the impression of a larger garden space and hold the power to gather family and friends around the dinner table for unforgettable social encounters. Located in Venice, California, the Hickey Residence displays an interesting line, with opposing sides tucked back into the volumetric architecture. Overhangs and the curves of the roof help increase the amount of indirect natural light reaching the interiors. A paved driveway in the front leads to the metal garage door, integrated in the overall design. The 4,000 square foot residence rests the tired, but happy inhabitants and their guests in 4 bedrooms. The climate allows this architectural solution to be comfortable and feel naturally close to the environment. Who here thinks the outdoor living area was a great idea?