Sculptural and fascinating, the Ramat Gan House 2 sits at the confluence of transparency, geometric architecture and the flow of natural light. Designed by Tel-Aviv-based architect Pitsou Kedem, the residence displays a facade made of stripes of transparency and opacity that do a rhythmic dance of light and shadow. The closed white box has very few ornaments, relying on voids and architectural details to construct a sense of playfulness in a minimalist space. Light breaks the simple interiors in a multitude of prism-like moving shadows that use sunlight to transform the house during the day. There was no need to burden the interiors with unnecessary objects – the architects simplified the design but offered inhabitants an ever-changing design. The quiet interiors become alive and dynamic whenever sunlight passes through the slits and mellows down in cloudy weather. Perfectly adapted to changing light, the Ramat Gan House 2 will strike at least a cord in your heart.