Freshome always strives to provide the best architecture and interior design photos, so that you can enjoy the details and exceptional design lines of home, furniture, artistic endeavors or landscape. This is why we chose today to present you the wonderful works of Stockholm-based photographer Stellan Herner. His attention to detail, knowledge and experience speak for themselves. The way he visually describes a space or a piece of furniture makes you feel as if you were there, right by his side. Through his lens, we can enjoy a multitude of inspirational sources without having to move. His works speak about the joy of living and the need for comfort. Some photos depict a colorful style captured by a talented eye, others give a feeling of peace, surprising the exact moment in the day when the interior looks its best. Maybe you have a few favorite interior design and architecture photographers. We would love to see their work and also know what you think about Stellan Herner’s works.