Hello, everyone and welcome to another Saturday of great finds. For today we gathered up some interesting interiors that we believe will nicely add up to your decorating ideas. The first photo we would like to feature is taken in a spectacular looking apartment located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. This particular interior is the focal point of the house and accommodates some of the wackiest elements this loft has to offer, such as a SPA and a barbecue section. Find it appealing?

Now this is a nice setting for a piano player to practice his or her skills. Enormous windows and giant palm-trees right outside your home could definitely count as good inspiration sources.

Here is an interesting red furniture piece that not only brings color to the room, but also adds dynamism. The random-shaped storage units (some of them inclined) can be quite useful when integrated in an office or a modern living room.

Reading corners are a real trend these days and we couldn’t be happier about it. Not only do they encourage reading, but they do it in such a delightful and aesthetic way, don’t you agree? Here is one below to stir up your story appetite.

This bedroom does not come with a view, but with two of them. One through the large, floor to ceiling windows (or sliding door) and the other, through the ceiling. Find this idea practical?

This room is probably good for taking some time off in solitude, or have your friends over for a board-game. Slanted walls and large windows give it a great atmosphere, especially if some of the candles on the stairs are lit.

We really like the contrast that the timber creates with the yellow quartz and the games of light and shades which can be observed in the photo below. The little girl going down the stairs gives the whole interior a happy look.

The geometry of this room is intriguing, but in the same time original and inspiring. The exposed wooden beams, together with the curved lines of the sofa and chair create unusual lines that playfully direct your sight around the room.

Not a bad looking outdoor terrace, wouldn’t you agree? This photo was taken of a project called “The Letterbox House” and built on a modest suburban beach home scale. Its shape is truly ingenious, just click the link in this paragraph for the initial article, as featured on Freshome.

We will end this week’s design spotter in a good mood. To be more exact, with an atmosphere created by plenty of city lights, a pool and seating space for two. Enjoy the show and tune up next week for round 7.

If you enjoyed this display of ideas, or would like to suggest an inspiring room design for the next Freshome Saturday Design Spotter, leave your comments below or drop a line at lavinia@freshome.com.