German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth envisioned “Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain”, a giant sculpture in Duisburg, Germany. The structure in entirely walkable and raises more than 45m | 49yd above the ground, meaning that the visitors can enjoy extensive views of the Rhine. Here is more information from the artists: “”The curved flight of stairs inscribes like a signature on the landscape and recruits the nimbus of the classical roller coaster. Having a closer look, the public is disappointed in a disarming way. The visitor climbs on foot via differently steep steps the roller-coaster-sculpture. So the sculpture subtly and ironically plays with the dialectic of promise and disappointment, mobility and standstill. Visitors happen to briefly meet with oncoming visitors on the steep and about 1m | 1yd wide corridors. Led-lights are integrated in the handrails and highlight the flight of stairs so the sculpture is accessible at night, too.” The sculpture took one year to build and is open to the public starting November 13, 2011.