The Sereno House by Jaime Rendon Arquitectos is located in a suburban area of Medellin, Colombia. Capturing extensive views from high up – 2,150 meters above sea level – the modern piece of residential architecture overlooks Valle del Aburra, creating both a permanent visual and sensory connection to the surrounding landscape. The native forest surrounding the dwelling adds freshness and a feeling of freedom to the comfort and modernity seen inside. A white concrete volume on the lower level comprises the social areas, service zones and bedrooms, while the dark cladded stone volume surrounds the master bedroom and the wooden box that serves as a study. These two volumes are connected by a iron built-in bridge. Constructing a simple, uncomplicated layout resulted in offering the inhabitants a fascinating and roomy single family residence. The social areas are split into shaded and sunny spaces – summer brings a duo of shade and sunlight, while the autumn and winter bring south sunlight. Is this what you would consider a dream home high above sea level?