Sfaro Architects recently sent us one of their recent projects, a renovation of a 40 square meter apartment in Tel-Aviv, which features some interesting design ideas. Here are a few words describing the project from the architects: “Tel-Aviv has seen soaring housing prices in the last 3 years, a phenomenon which caused many people to renovate their existing apartments instead of selling and buying bigger ones. Same story here, where the owner decided to transform her studio apartment into a 1 bedroom, including storage units, a large separate kitchen and a full size queen bedroom. As a design solution, we chose to condense all the programmatic functions and storage units into a cube which was centered in the space, thus dividing the apartments into 4 zones, while maintaining a 360 degree circulation around it, which makes the space seem endless and bigger than it actually is. By adding sliding doors that disappear into the cube, the space can be altered according to the time of day and the various needs of the owner, contributing further more to the sense of a multi-functional round space.” I find the layout of this apartment ingenious and innovative, which is why I have to ask- did you see anything like this before?